Recently, I've started to journal the thought process for my designs. I'm excited to share a few case studies from Growth Design while working on Wattpad's Growth team. I have upcoming posts in the pipeline so follow me on twitter or subscribe to stay updated. Up next are some notes on designing strictly for iOS and a post about User Research.

Lessons in Growth Design: How Testing Interactions and Metadata Increased Reading Time

Wattpad has come a long way over the last few years, especially on mobile. Our mobile apps started out in web view, which was...

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Lessons in Growth Design: How Suggesting Followers During Onboarding Increased Retention

If I gave you a drink and told you it’s the best drink I’ve ever had, would you say the same thing about this particular drink to another...

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Lessons in Growth Design: How Testing Value Props On Landing Pages Increased Sign Ups

Growth is the single most important element to any successful social product. As a part of the Growth team at Wattpad...

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